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Yesterday's Tradition, Today

A working cattle ranch in every sense of the word . . . 

The historic 7 Up Ranch is one of the oldest ranches in Yavapai County, having first been settled as a cattle ranch in 1880.When we purchased the ranch in 1999, our goal was to continue that legacy and preserve it for generations to come.


Today the ranching operation includes the 7 Up, the Kate, and The TT’s Ranch, a total of 185,000 acres of rangeland. Between the three outfits we run 1,200 head of mother cows, 1,000 stockers, and 20 registered Quarter Horse broodmares with three studs.


We strive to produce a hardy, thrifty black cow with enough grit to get around some of the roughest terrain Arizona has to offer. At an optimum weight of 1,000 pounds, our cows are expected to raise a 500-600 pound calf at weaning. We use the best bulls money can buy to produce ever-improving calf crops that feed out to yield high end, quality meat.


We employ sustainable grazing practices and work with government agencies to improve the rangeland by removing invasive species and building pipeline to carry water to remote areas of the ranches, benefitting both livestock and wildlife.


Our horses are bred to be tough and adapted to our harsh terrain, so they can put in a full day in every aspect of traditional ranch work, while also excelling in the arena.

We are a working cattle ranch in every sense of the word.

The 7 Up Ranch 

Prescott, AZ

The 7 Up Ranch is the foundation and heart of Campwood Cattle Company. Located 45 miles northwest of Prescott, it is comprised of 44,000 acres of private, Forest, State, and BLM land. The terrain ranges from Ponderosa forest at an elevation of almost 7,000 feet on the east end, to grassy mesas and rugged canyons to the west, dropping to 3,000 feet at the bottom of Burro Creek Canyon. The nucleus of our cowherd, 650 head of mostly Brangus and Angus cross cows, run here year around, with the highest quality black bulls we can buy. To us the 7 Up is “home.” It will always be a part of Campwood.

The Kate

Prescott, AZ

We call this ranch “The Kate” after the Lazy K8 brand that is registered to the McCraines. Located between Prescott and Skull Valley on the back side of Granite Mountain, it is comprised of 20,000 acres of Forest land – the Toohey Allotment, purchased in 1999, and the Granite Allotment, purchased in 2003. With mostly rolling native grassland, the ranch runs 445 steers from October 1 to June 1, with a gain of 100-150 pounds per head per season. In extremely droughty years, it also gives us a place to run part of our cowherd when we might otherwise be forced to sell out.

The TT's

New River, AZ

In 2018 we had the opportunity to lease the TT’s Ranch, which sits on 110,000 acres of rugged desert country made up of State and BLM land between Black Canyon City and Anthem. The ranch runs a base cowherd of 400 head, with the ability to also run 1,500 head of steers in years when it rains. It’s greatest value to Campwood is the 700-head grow yard that we built in order to wean and background calves before placing them on native grass. This enables us to grow out lighter calves that might otherwise have had to go to the sale barn, making them more profitable.

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