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A few of our All Stars

Rock footed, ranch raised, Blue Collar performance horses with black type pedigrees.

Our mission at Campwood Cattle Company is to raise the ultimate Blue Collar Horse.

The horse that is catty at reading cattle and has a good stride to get you across big country.  An animal with the brains to think for themselves and the wisdom to be trainable.  One that can go 20 miles through the rock, cactus and pines and will take you to the pay window when you take them to town.

These Blue Collar Horses are a rare breed of talent and work ethic that gets put to the test in the rugged Arizona terrain and in the arena.  We built them out of necessity and we test their skill daily.

2017 Red Roan Gelding

Easy Movin Streaker X Campwood Chex

When we set out to raise ‘Blue Collar Horses’, full of talent and worth ethic, Rio is proof we are on the right track.  This big solid gelding makes a hand whereever he goes and any cowboy would love to have 100 like him. Fortunately we have 4 full siblings!  

An All Around horse in every sense of the word.  Amigo has been in Tylers string since he was three.  He is an outstanding ranch horse that everyone in the family uses.  In the arena, Amigo is a one stop shop and is the main mount for 11 year old Trace Lawrence to head, heel, calf rope and goat tie on at the junior rodeos.  Amigo’s dam, RO Scooting Hallmark, is still in our broodmare band and continues to produce great horses!

2016 Sorrel Mare

Easy Movin Streaker X Silkin CD

Streakin CD - Prima

Prima is the first Dakota (Easy Movin Streaker) baby and she does not disappoint.  A phenomenal athlete in the roping pen and a top string mount for a days work.  Prima isn’t the tallest horse in the string, but she is likely the prettiest, most athletic and hardest working.  While we are proud of raising such an equine athlete, it  comes as no surprise.  Prima’s dam is an own daughter of CD Olena and she is sired by our Easy Movin Streaker stud, putting both Streak Of Fling and CD Olena as her grand sires.

2017 Brown Mare

Easy Movin Streaker X Silkin CD

As talented as she is beautiful, Halle has a big motor and is a steady mount for a big circle.  Tyler has done a great job of putting her talent to work in the arena as well and she has won nearly $10k in the roping pen.  She will catch your eye with her beauty and drop your jaw with her talent.

2017 Sorrel Mare

Dual Winner X Tinsel Town Taz

Campwood Dual Taz - Sangria

Sangria is a popular cross on the ranch with multiple full siblings making names for themselves.  Cow sense runs thick in her blood and when you watch her facial expressions working cows you can see she doesn’t miss a flinch to shake flies.  Sangria has been going fantastic in the roping pen and has a bright future!

2003 Bay Mare

Lenas Rooster X Sally Frisk

One of our premier broodmares, Sally, has produced top string horses that are great on the ranch and in the arena.  Sally came to us when the O RO Rach had bought a few Rooster fillies from a ranch in Texas.  Kathy got to pick one of the fillies and chose Sally, who she rode and ranched on before she became a broodmare.  We love her babies so much we didn’t hesitate to put one back into the broodmare band after she showed us she is a carbon copy of Sally.  These babies are solid built, cowy, intelligent horses.  In addition to producing our ideal horse, Sally is twenty years old and doesn’t miss a year delivering us a new one.  This tremendous mare has and continues to leave a great stamp on our program.  Thank you Sally!

Brown Tiles
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